❝  The human eye is a marvel of nature. So many different tissues working together in harmony. It’s not like the liver or a muscle. It is as small as a ping-pong ball but extremely complex.  It’s an organ of delicate balance and we at  GENORASIS™  see numerous possibilities with gene therapies to preserve its function longer, even regenerate tissues that classical ophthalmology considers lost and, in the future, enhance and improve its functions.

our mission

Almost all genetic therapies involving the eye are targeting rare inherited diseases.
Our mission is to design genetic treatments for common age-related eye diseases, which affect all people and are considered unavoidable.

Our path to patients

We have identified a pathway to accelerate the development and approval of our gene therapy products. The plan includes detailed research and pre‐clinical testing, clinical trials with collaborators, regulatory strategies, and partnerships with leading manufacturing platforms to produce high‐quality products. Our goal is to bring these therapies safely to people.

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